How To Create Mock Up Images In less Than 5 Minutes (No Photoshop)

Feb 07, 2022

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Video Transcript


In this video, I'm gonna show you how to create mockup images fast

with no design skills needed. Now you need good looking graphics for

anything that you sell online for your sales letters, blogs, videos,

Etsy, Amazon books, and so much more. And I was always on the hunt for

images that look just like this, where you can put them on spiral

bound notebooks and bring your images and graphics to life. But there

was one big problem. I did not know how to read these on my own

whatsoever. I tried, it would take me forever. So I always had to hire

someone and wait and wait and wait for them to get back to me with my

images that I needed today. The good news is, is that I don't have to

wait anymore. And neither do you. You're not gonna need any graphic

designs to make beautiful images that are, uh, mock up styles like on

computers, on notebooks, on box shots, just like this on iPads on cell

phones, we need these images sell and we need them fast.


So now every creator's dream has literally come true. I want to give

you a demo of click design. This is the tool that I am recommending.

See, I have this plain Jane notebook that I want to transform into

something magical, and I'm gonna be able to do that in less than five

minutes. Let's go over and see how easy this is to do. Okay. So here I

am over at my dashboard on click designs. What I'm gonna do is I'm

gonna head over to templates cause I want to make a new cover design,

but I wanna start from scratch here and I want to choose a cover,

enter a name, copy my workbook tube. Okay. So here I, I am and I want

to now choose the mockup. And I want something that is spiral bound.

That looks like this. Now this is really hard to create. If you do not

know how to design stuff, especially putting images on an angle. Trust

me, I've tried, but let's do it the easy way with click designs. So

here we are and let's go ahead and create. And, um, I just found a

background from PI bay. They do have images inside, but I also like to

kind of find my own. Sometimes these are free public domain images

that I use all the time in my business. So now I'm gonna do is go to

image and I've already Uploaded it. So here it is. If I wanna fit it

on the screen, I'll just make that a little smaller. Okay. So that's

gonna be the background of my image here. So now what I wanna do is

I'm gonna add some text, so I'm gonna add a new text layer and it's

going to say, copy my, my workbook, and then I'm gonna center it and

then I'm gonna make it a lot bigger. Okay. Now, if I want to go ahead

and change the font I could here. Okay. I kind of like how that looks

then I can even go a little bit bigger with this font, right? And I'm

just gonna keep this pretty simple. So let's go ahead and preview it.

Ah, that looks perfect. So all I wanna do right now is save an exit. I

can now export it as a P G JPEG or PDF, or can just go and, um, exit

this and it'll be in my dashboard and here it is. Yay.


So now you can see how no more do you have to hire expensive

designers, wait for days and days to get your graphics back and going

back and forth with your designer because they don't give you what you

want. <laugh> so you can create your own, just like an experience

graphic designer. You can use the templates, you don't need any

skills. It's drag drop point click. So get your copy today at Deb drum

com slash click designs, look out for more videos for me to help you

with your graphic skills and making money with graphics, the link will

be in the description. That's Deb designs, and I'll see

you inside. And I can't wait to see your beautiful graphic creation.

Thanks for watching Debbie. Five minute product preview. Be sure to

click the link in the description for more details on click designs.

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